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To Eleven...and beyond!
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Fanfiction and art from the eleventh Doctor era.

A few community basics:

1.) Please use LJ-cuts for all fics. There is a tutorial here.

2.) Please tag your posts - guidelines are in the rules.

3.) Please read THE RULES before posting.

3.) Be respectful! Why would you want to be rude, everyone here is amazing!

4.) Be enthusiastic! We want to see this community grow and bond. If you like something, leave a comment or review. Don't know what to say? "Thank you for writing this" is always a safe bet and much appreciated.

Authors need comments to keep them alive. Feed your favorite author as often and effusively as possible. They need to keep their strength up so they can produce more delicious stories for you!

5.) Always feel free to Page-a-Mod with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

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